Michèle Tisseyre

Lawyer at the Montpellier Bar - Partner Lawyer

Lawyer at the Montpellier Bar
Specialist in Labour Law, Commercial Law and Individuals’ rights.


Having been sworn in on 10 December 1979, Michèle Tisseyre founded her firm in 1983.

Having lectured at the Montpellier Faculty of Law and the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce business school in Montpellier between 1979 and 1989, she also spent time working with associations and institutional organisations which contribute to the economic life of Montpellier and the region (Avocats conseil d’entreprise, Face Hérault, Medef, ANDRH, Dirigeants Commerciaux de France, Divorcés de France, etc.)

A specialist in commercial law, labour law and individuals’ rights, Michèle Tisseyre uses her 30 years of experience to provide her clients with the highest level of advice, assistance, representation and defence.

Elected as President of the Montpellier Bar Association in 2010, she served her two-year mandate in great style and now works in the French National Bar Association as well as continuing her work as a lawyer.

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Undergraduate degree

Master’s degree in Company Law

Advanced Studies degree in Industrial property

Certificate of Legal Studies

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