Christian Le Stanc

Lawyer at the Montpellier Bar

Lawyer at the Montpellier Bar
Specialist in Intellectual Property Law and Competition Law
University Professor


Christian Le Stanc started working as a lawyer in 1978,
specialising in intellectual property law, new technology law and competition law – areas which he has focused on since entering the profession. A member of the editorial boards of the journals ‘Derecho de la alta tecnologia’, ‘European Intellectual Property Review’ and ‘Communication, Commerce Electronique’, he has subsequently provided the scientific leadership for ‘Dossiers Brevets’, ‘Dossiers Propriété Intellectuelle’, ‘JurisClasseur Brevet d’invention’, ‘JurisClasseur Communication’ and, since its creation in 2002, the LexisNexis journal ‘Propriété Industrielle’.

Having founded his firm in Montpellier, and later opening another branch in Paris, Christian Le Stanc trains his team in litigation proceedings and legal advice related to intellectual property.

Christian Le Stanc has also worked as an arbitrator at WIPO and has assisted the EU Commission as a legal expert.

As a Professor of private law at the Faculty of Law in Montpellier, he has a number of administrative and academic responsibilities: Joint Director of the Master’s course ‘Intellectual Property’ at CUERPI at the University of Grenoble II; Lecturer at CEIPI in the Faculty of Law in Strasbourg and member of its management board; Lecturer at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris (ENSTA); Manager of the Intellectual Property Department at FNDE (Fédération Nationale du Droit de l’Entreprise). Moreover, he has been a member of the Executive Committee of ATRIP (International Association for the Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property) since 2009.

Christian Le Stanc has written a number of books and articles on patent law, trademark law, literary and artistic property and IT law, contributing to the emergence of these disciplines, and remains active in their continual development. He frequently speaks on these subjects during conferences and conventions in France and abroad.

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BA/Hons with Distinction in Comparative Literature, Faculty of Literature, Montpellier – 1969

Post-graduate degree with Merit in Private Law/Corporate Legal Advice (D.J.C.E), Faculty of Law, Montpellier – 1971

Post-graduate degree in Criminal Sciences – Faculty of Law, Montpellier – 1972

Doctor of Arts thesis ‘Stendhal and the « fashionable » novel’, with Distinction and Highest Honours – 1973, Faculty of Literature, X – Nanterre,

State Doctorate thesis ‘Patent counterfeiting’, Private law, Highly Commended with Distinction,

Faculty of Law, Montpellier -1975

Award for thesis.

University Professor; Private Law – Criminal Sciences – 1989

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