We assist our clients in all the legal aspects linked to the use of new technologies, as user or technical solution provider.

Our expertise lies both in legal knowledge and technical training which allows us to understand the technological challenges which our clients face.

We also provide support in drawing up and negotiating IT agreements (integration agreements, outsourcing agreements, development agreements for software, websites, video games, multimedia solutions, databases, etc.) and in litigation proceedings which may arise from them (lack of quality, late delivery, etc.)

We also assist our clients in the implementation of online commercial activities and more generally in all activities connected with internet use (search engine optimisation, hosting, switching to a paperless system, IT security, domain name disputes, etc.)

Our services
Design agreement for specific software: website creation

This agreement allows a client to request an IT service provider to create a website. However, the client informs the service provider of its needs and wishes and the service provider then draws up detailed specifications, to be consulted during the creation. The client must assist the service provider in this process. This assistance may take the form of approving content as the design of the software progresses. It is important to include clauses for the transfer of intellectual property rights over the specific software to ensure that the client has complete control of the website once the service has been completed. Moreover, this agreement can be accompanied by other agreements for maintenance or assistance services.

General terms and conditions of sale and/or online use

General terms and conditions of sale are required for website publishers who sell their products and/or services online. They are designed to provide clients with clear information on the vendor’s company, the methods of payment, reimbursement, delivery and after-sales service. They must allow the vendor to be identified and contacted easily.
The general terms and conditions of use provide internet users with information on the publisher and how its website operates. They also allow the publisher to limit their liability in the event of unexpected or improper use of its website or the services which it offers.

Charters governing the use of IT and communication systems (IT charters/Charters on the use of WiFi or intranet networks, etc.)

These charters set out the rules with which all users of the IT or communication systems must comply. In general, these are issued by companies to their employees and are designed to regulate the use of these systems or networks. They ensure that use falls within the strict framework of the company’s business or use it deems appropriate.

Agreement for the creation of an online store

A client uses this agreement to request the design, creation or development of an online store. This agreement is similar to a website creation agreement (design agreement for a specific software), but it differs insofar as it must also take into account issues regarding website hosting and mandate agreements, especially for declarations to the CNIL (French National Commission on Informatics and Liberty), etc.

Portal agreement

A portal is a website which provides access to a number of different websites from a single location. The web user is directed to one of these websites depending on their needs. The portal agreement allows a website publisher wishing to be included in one of these sites to request to be permitted to the portal in question. This may be done subject to compliance with certain conditions and/or payment, for the purposes of being listed on the portal, offering the website publisher greater visibility among internet users and more prominence in search engines.

Purchasing agreement for online advertising space

With this agreement, an advertiser requests an advertising agency to communicate, for instance, a promotional message regarding its products or services in an advertising space which it has purchased on a website. The purchased space can be accompanied by an option to redirect the user to the advertiser’s website.

Agreement governing the marketing of electronic communication services

The purpose of this agreement is to enable the provision of electronic communication services over a given area. This can only be agreed after the signing of a public service delegation contract on the matter by the local authorities which are responsible for the management of the area.

Online video game distribution agreement

This is an agreement through which a video game publisher transfers commercial use of one or more of its video games to a distributor, which then places them online to market them for either rental or sale.