Corporate and competition law

Our firm assists its clients in the realisation of acts necessary to regulate the use of the NICTs and their valorisation.

Thanks to over ten years of experience as a national and international mediator in the field, Chrisitian Le Stanc manages cases regarding distribution law. In assisting clients in these matters, he produces the following agreements based on their specific needs:

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Distribution agreement

A distribution agreement can take many forms depending on whether it is drawn up with a distributor (franchise agreement, exclusive supply agreement, exclusive concession agreement, exclusive distribution agreement, etc.) or a legal representative (commercial agent agreement, commission agreement, affiliation agreement, etc.)

Franchise agreement

This agreement allows a franchisor to provide a franchisee with its promotional material (visual identity, trading name, trademark, etc.), its expertise, and, where applicable, intellectual property rights, commercial techniques, etc. The franchisee must use these in compliance with the terms it has agreed to in the franchise agreement and undertakes to pay, for instance, a licence fee or percentage of turnover in return. There are also master franchise agreements which allow specific expertise to be exclusively transferred to a franchisor, which is then tasked with developing the franchise in a given area.