A team of lawyers based in Paris and Montpellier, specialising in intellectual property, new technology and corporate law, to provide you with advice at every stage of your business and to defend your interests
Our expertise

Our firm offers over 30 years of experience in intellectual property law, new technology law and communication law. This expertise is recognised both in France and abroad, and is the result of the academic and professional experience of Professor Christian Le Stanc and his team.

For over ten years, the firm has been developing its skills in-house in the field of corporate law (company law, commercial law, etc.) in order to assist our clients at every stage of their business (company creation, fund-raising, sale, etc.)

Leading figures in law

The firm’s lawyers, above all Christian Le Stanc (editor of the ‘Propriété Industrielle’ journal published by LexisNexis), Frédéric Leclerc, Bruno Carbonnier and Lisa Le Stanc, are also involved in teaching and publishing. We regularly organise and take part in meetings and conferences in France and abroad.

This allows us to keep up with the latest legal developments. It also enables our clients to benefit from significant material resources to improve the quality and relevance of the Firm’s services.

A network of partners

We use a network of trusted partners to provide the highest level of expertise in supporting our clients’ projects (labour law, property law, etc.) if we are not able to fulfil their needs in-house.

Our network also extends abroad, especially in the USA, Canada, UK and Spain.

In these situations, we remain the first point of contact for our clients.

A human-scale firm

We made the conscious decision to maintain the smaller size of the firm in order to forge and maintain close links of trust with our clients.

Each client has just one contact person who constantly monitors their cases (regular reporting, etc.) and undertakes to do their utmost to be available whenever the client needs them.

A corporate clientele

Our client-base is made up of a wide range of companies, from individual enterprises to multinational companies.

For several years now, we have been supporting various start-ups, including in their stages of foreign development.

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